we only source fair trade ingredients

over the centuries, millions of workers have been mistreated and exploited in the ever-rising global demand for raw ingredients. in many parts of the world, governments allowed companies to exploit their country’s natural resources and cheap labor force, earning enormous profits for very few, and providing little to no funding for public resources, infrastructure and education. 

there’s no greater example of this historic inequity than the sugar industry, which has long been a driving force behind colonization and human trafficking and enslavement. 11 million africans were enslaved over the 400 years following christopher columbus’s arrival in the new world, many of them used as laborers in the booming sugar cane trade throughout the caribbean.

in the decades since independence movements swept throughout sugar producing countries around the globe, average working conditions have improved very little. huge companies dominate the industry while workers still struggle to earn a fair living and push for improved working conditions. and every year the industry pollutes more and more pristine wilderness and waterways with the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides.

we have the opportunity to change this paradigm. and the responsibility to do so. the average american consumes a mind-boggling 40 pounds of sugar each year. americans alone can have a huge impact on how the world’s sugar is grown. 

by sourcing ingredients that are farmed and sold to fair trade certified standards, we are ensuring we are supporting farming communities where workers are paid a fair price and where farmers give back to the land and community in the form of organic and sustainable agriculture practices, training and certification programs for local farmers.  

just by making small changes in the products and ingredients we buy, collectively we can impact the way famers around the world make a living and feed their families.