none of our ingredients are ever tested on animals. except ourselves. we work tirelessly to source our raw ingredients, ensuring they are of the highest quality + grown in environmentally-sustainable ways without the use of pesticides. all of our raw ingredients are fair trade certified, the majority of which are sourced from female-owned farming collectives in under-developed countries around the world. besides using synthetic mica to combat worker exploitation + child labor involved in the mining of much of the world’s natural mica, all our ingredients are natural, organic, raw + unprocessed, vegan + food quality.  

our ingredients are sourced to bring you the highest-quality, most natural  slow beauty products possible. so you never have to worry about what your putting on your skin.


coconut oil: hydrates, firms + protects from future moisture loss, drying, cracking or chapping lips.

shea butter: vitamins a + e protect lips from damage + moisture loss.

candelilla wax: delivers gloss + lubricity while protecting + softening lips.

brown sugar + cane sugar: micro-exfoliates + buffs away dead skin cells.

peppermint essential oil: stimulates circulation, naturally plumping lips.

aloe: organic + hydrating.

vitamin e: antioxidant + anti-inflammatory that helps skin cells naturally regenerate.

grape seed oil: antimicrobial, antioxidant + anti-inflammatory with high amounts of omega chain fatty acids + vitamin e.

rose petals: antioxidant full of hydration for the skin + vitamin c.

wild orange essential oil: antioxidant + mood booster.

synthetic mica: provides vibrant + subtle color tones.